This spool belongs to series which is normed from German rule "DIN 46399". This particular reel is used in a lot of different markets; for example it's used to wind on steel wire, tin wire, fish filament, spark-erosion (EDM) wire, enamelled copper wire, gold wire, precious chains.
Realized in two pieces, the cap is fixed to the body with a joint which means that use of glues is pointless. This joint assures also a perfect axiality of centering holes. The particular straight ribbing guarantee great flange resistance.
Usually produced in ABS, High Impact Polystyrene (PS) or polypropylene (PP) .

  • d1: 160 mm
  • d2: 100 mm
  • d3: 22 mm
  • d4: 34 mm
  • d5: 13 mm
  • e1: 32 mm
  • l1: 160 mm
  • l2: 128 mm
  • Winding volume: 1567 cm3
  • Nominal weight: 350 gr.
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