This is an offside rule spool. It's really similar to our model "Din 250 T22", but the body were the wire is winded on is conic. This characteristic allows "defilé" unwinding process.
Studied expressly to wind on enamelled copper wire.
Realized in two pieces, the cap is fixed to the body with a joint which means that use of glues is pointless. This joint assures also a perfect axiality of centering holes. The particular straight ribbing guarantee great flange resistance. With a good flange stability, this reel is indicated to wind on also thin wire.
Usually produced in ABS.

  • d1: 250 mm
  • d2: 150 mm → 160 mm
  • d3: 22 mm
  • d4: 34 mm
  • d5: 13 mm
  • e1: 32 mm
  • l1: 200 mm
  • l2: 160 mm
  • Winding volume: 4834 cm3
  • Nominal weight: 1050 gr.
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