This spool belongs to series which are normed from German rule "DIN 46399". This particular reel is used in a lot of different markets; for example it's used to wind on steel wire, tin wire, fish filament, gold wire, precious chains.
It's one of the first spools realized from alpaplastic and it's made in only one piece. For this reason it's cheap and with an unique design.
For all the customers which need it, there's the possibility to add one or two label supports.
Usually produced in High Impact Polystyrene.

  • d1: 80 mm
  • d2: 50 mm
  • d3: 16 mm
  • d4: 24 mm
  • d5: 7 mm
  • e1: 20 mm
  • l1: 80 mm
  • l2: 64 mm
  • Winding volume: 196 cm3
  • Nominal weight: 60 gr.
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