This is an offside rule spool. Projected for low carbon steel wire, it has been used also in winding cables, chains, ropes, thick synthetic monofilament and all the wires which doesn't urge the spool mechanically.
Very light, with great winding capacity it's realized in a single piece and is really cheap.
It has similar sizes if compared to Din 200 but a greater winding capacity, 17% more.

  • d1: 202 mm
  • d2: 110 mm
  • d3: 32,5 mm
  • d4: - mm
  • d5: 16 mm
  • e1: 38 mm
  • l1: 180 mm
  • l2: 160 mm
  • Winding volume: 3605 cm3
  • Nominal weight: 375 gr.
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