This spool, realized due to several market requests, is studied expressly to wind on low quantities of 3d printing (FDM) filament.
Design consists of a central part with easily recognizable 5 asymmetric sections which distinguishes the "alpaplastic style".  This reel has smooth flanges in order to guarantee a possible customization and, at the same time, maximize label spaces.   The Spool capacity is about 250 grams (0,25 kg.) of 3d printing filament.
As a reliable spool, it's also used in markets of stainless steel wire, aluminium wire, and ropes.
Usually produced in High Impact Polystyrene (PS) or polycarbonate (PC).

  • d1: 140 mm
  • d2: 90 mm
  • d3: 52 mm
  • d5: 10 mm
  • e1: 37 mm
  • l1: 44 mm
  • l2: 38 mm
  • Winding volume: 343 cm3
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