This spool belongs to series which are normed from German rule "DIN 8559".
Made expressly to wind on welding wire and aluminium wire, it found application also in 3d printing filament (FDM) market.
This spool  during the years has been restyled several times.
In the actual version (restyling 2020), design consists of a central part with easily recognizable 5 asymmetric sections which distinguishes the "alpaplastic style".
The reel  has straight ribbing with "Diamond Cut" to guarantee brilliance and play of lights if produced in transparent raw material.
The "GHL" version is available with a smooth section on the flanges for all customers which want to apply an external label.
Spool capacity is about 2,5 kg metallic wire or 750 g. (0,75 kg.) 3d printing filament (FDM).
Made usually in High impact polystyrene, polycarbonate (PC) or other raw material with high heat resistance (up to 160 °C).

  • d1: 200 mm
  • d2: 105 mm
  • d3: 52 mm
  • d5: 11 mm
  • e1: 44,5 mm
  • l1: 55 mm
  • l2: 45 mm
  • Winding volume : 1024 cm3
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