COVID 19 - alpaplastic is actively supporting the healthcare articles production supply chain.

In this particular historical period, every city in the world is experiencing COVID19 disease, national healthcare systems are under pressure and there's a lack of personal protective equipment availability.
Makers communities are working hard from home or in fablabs to design and build equipments!

A lot of companies are closed, but not the makers! They're working all together, cooperating via web,  sharing projects, following "open source" philosophy; for example a component can be realized in Bergamo, copied in Madrid, improved in New York and replicated in Italy again, or in other cities. This means collective intelligence in its maximum expression!

alpaplastic is participating to "fight" against Covid19, helping with the supply of 3d filament spools and with donations to hospitals, companies and organizations, in order to actively support the provide of personal equipment, healthcare equipment and ventilator machines.

That's why we're temporary mainly concentrating our production capacity in 3d filament market, to guarantee stocks of available  products for this sector.

Below you will find articles and projects referred to personal and healthcare equipment wih 3d printed parts:

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